Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How the Bakery Bar saves the morning

I'm not really into promoting things here on my blog as most do not relate to the profession of public relations. However, what does relate to my job and life immensely is coffee. When I'm at school I have my favorite place, Cafe Roma by campus, but when I'm on the job here in Portland, there is always so much to choose from.

After getting to bed quite late last night and being woken early by the sound of the trash-man rolling down my street, coffee after my 9 a.m. meeting became vital to my day's happiness. A new favorite place is The Bakery Bar. Serving Stumptown Coffee, home-made biscuits and scones, those who say you cannot buy happiness have yet to try this place.

And you know what, even if this post doesn't have to do with PR strategy or tips for finding your next internship, the truth is, without coffee and a hearty breakfast, work suffers. Or at least mine does. It's wrong to write on an empty stomach.

So here's to good coffee and scones and how they keep me on my toes!